Thursday, February 08, 2007

The leek - and other answers to Wales FAQ's

Take a leek, some lamb, turnips, potatoes, flour, carrots and call it cawl. Go to The leek is the national symbol for Wales. See More on how you cook a leek:

Wales is big on interesting facts. The patron saint of Wales is St. David and he was a vegetarian. See
Edward I of England conducted the campaigns against the Welsh, building many castles. See details at

The Welsh flag motif is the red dragon. See its flag at; and at Click on y dDraig gogh (the red dragon) for its full story. The language alone is magical. A dragon denoted a Roman cohort, or 1/10 of a legion. From that, the color changed with the differing groups using the standard, and today there is no dragon representing Wales on the Union Jack. The Prince of Wales, following Edward I's conquest, had lions rather than a dragon - read the full tale at
You could do a country's history based on its coins or its flags.

And St. Patrick may have been born in Wales. See

See more at

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