Monday, December 18, 2006

Conwy Castle - City Center

Conwy: Old turrets and a modern big suspension bridge right next. There is a busy motorway across the river, leading to the town and this large castle. See

The castle is a fine morning's explore.

The town is walled, and our rooms were right in those walls, connected. Our B&B backed right into the old wall itself. Here is the view from our room. You can climb up the stairs to battlements and walk around the walls, looking down on all the other houses that are still occupied and sharing walls, like in the old days. See

Edward I began a series of huge castles in the late 13th century, to subdue the Welsh who wanted to control their own territory. Surprise. They had succeeded in doing this despite the English, who had divided up the land among several English barons. When Edward finally prevailed, with the help of his many castles, his son became Prince of Wales. See

The castle is on the water. The top picture shows the bridge with all the traffic, blocking the beautiful view, although there are efforts to minimize the eyesore. This picture is from the other side, looking back. The castle dominates the town still.

Beware the water monster. See

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