Thursday, February 19, 2009

David Lloyd George, The Seat of Caernarvon, Wales - WWI

David Lloyd George 1865-1945
Lloyd George

Lloyd George. The Welsh Wizard. According to this site, who else can challenge Winston Churchill as the greatest British political figure in  the 20th Century. No-one. See an everyman's  biography at

Born in England, raised in Wales by extended family, a cobbler-clergyman uncle.&nbsp. He won the Carnaervon seat in Parliament, see castle. He was complex in his private life, but in public life, dedicated to ordinary people and their needs. He became Prime Minister, had ongoing problems bridging gaps between competing interests, including the army, and found that support from groups joining him for one purpose, was not support to be relied on for another purpose.

A handy summary of his life is at ://  he ensured the steady flow of materiel to the western front that led to victory.

Wales. Small. Big people arising out of its culture.

Raised by an uncle, shoemaker and clergy. Tribute to the the strength of the extended family to any child?

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